Part Two

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Here are the second half of photos from our camera that was stolen and then magically returned. These are from California Adventure. If you haven’t made your way over there since the addition of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street, you are missing out!

ImageThat face^^

ImageWe’re ready for Toy Story Midway Mania!^^

ImageBeing silly^^

ImageShe likes to wear glasses on her head^^

ImageDefinitely our favorite ride in DCA^^

ImageYummy breakfast from Flo’s V8 Cafe^^  They also have really great lunch/dinner items and delicious Milkshakes! Pictured: Kid’s Whole-Wheat Waffles with Fresh Fruit, Chicken Tamales with Scrambled eggs, and the “American Breakfast” – scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, and a biscuit.

ImageFully enjoying breakfast^^



Hello Again

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Hi there…remember me? Ok, so it hasn’t been THAT long since my last post, but it has been some time. I’ve been busy, busy, busy over in my neck of the woods. I don’t think I’ve had a day off from work since last Wednesday with a couple 12 hour days thrown in the mix…add that to housework and spending time with Penelope and there isn’t much time left over for adventures. I finally get a day off on Monday and the weather is supposed to be great, so we’re hoping to get out for some fun that I will most definitely share with you.

Until then, here are those newly found Disneyland pictures I promised you a while back.

ImageSo happy to be at the Happiest Place on Earth^^

ImageTrying to keep a young toddler entertained while waiting in line^^

ImageCaptivated by Dumbo^^

ImageOne of her favorite rides with Dad^^

ImageUp and down^^

ImageView of Fantasyland from the flying elephant^^

ImageLeaves are more interesting in Disneyland^^

ImageToontown is a great place to let little ones (especially new walkers) explore^

ImageToo early for make-up!^^

ImageShe suddenly developed a fear of Characters. Around 12 months was the best…she would hug, kiss, and dance with characters willingly. The older she gets, the more afraid she is.

ImageA quiet place to go down for a nap is next to City Hall on Main Street.

ImageOne of the best places for a snack or light meal in the park, Bengal Barbecue.  Fresh skewers and pretzels. Yum! Pictured: Jalapeno Cheese-Filled Mickey Pretzel, Safari Skewer (bacon wrapped asparagus), Bengal Beef Skewer (in a sweet sauce), and a large cup o’ water 🙂 Oh, and if you’re into spice, be sure to try my personal favorite, the Banyan Beef Skewer (not pictured).

ImageWalkin’ right down the middle of Main Street, U.S.A

ImageGood Morning Disneyland!…it’s worth it to get there early.^^

ImageNever leaving…^^

And then something amazing happened…

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Remember our camera that magically disappeared out of our stroller in Disneyland? Well, we got a knock on the door the other day and guess what had arrived at our doorstep via certified mail…our camera!IMG_0265 IMG_0267

We had already bought a new (better) camera since Travis uses it for work, but we are oh so glad to have our pictures back. There is some good in this world! I will be posting our now found Disneyland pictures soon.


Helen Putnam Regional Park

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Over the weekend we decided to go out and for some fresh air and take a family hike before it started to rain (thank you, rain gods, for finally bringing us Californians some moisture!). In Petaluma there’s no better place than Putnam Park. If you’re looking for a quick little hike or want to spend more time with nature there are plenty of trails to venture off on.

Before we had Penelope, Travis and I would come here all the time to get a little “work-out” in, but this was our first time taking the little one. She seemed excited.

Some parts can be pretty steep and her little legs can only take her so far, so we decided to bring the stroller along. The main path, which takes you from one side to the other, is paved. Perfect for strollers and our Britax B-Agile held up great.



Usually around this time of year everything is so lush and green, but as I said before, we have had NO rain this season. It is leaving everything quite dry and brown, but it’s still beautiful.


There’s a little pond towards the end of the hike (or the beginning depending on where you hike). Both Penelope and Travis like to watch the ducks and look for fish…like father like daughter.


Halfway through our hike Penelope decided it was time for a smoothie break. Good thing we made a pit-stop at Fruit in Motion before we headed out.



Here’s a few more pictures of our view along the way…




At the other end there was a surprise for Penny…a cute little playground! And when I say little, I mean little. There is one slide, no swings, and a pull-up bar. There are also a few picinic tables if you want to pack a lunch or snack.






It was getting pretty cold and windy so we let Penelope run around a bit and then we turned around to make the trip back to the car. Towards the end I think she was over it…


We don’t have either, but both dogs (on a leash) and horses are allowed in the park. If you are local or plan on making a trip to the area, make sure to head out to Helen Putnam Park. You won’t regret it…well you’re legs and bottom might the next day, but you can worry about that later.




The best laid plans…

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I had these grand plans of starting a family travel and lifestyle blog. My first post was going to be about Disneyland (somewhere we go a lot) with all these great pictures and useful information, but the best laid plans often go astray. To make a long story short, our DSLR camera (with all our pictures) was stolen out of our stroller halfway through our trip. So that post will have to wait until the next Disneyland getaway and these iPhone pictures will have to suffice until then.

Making new friends in Minnie's house
Making new friends in Minnie’s house
Stealing some of Minnie's crochet tools...
Stealing some of Minnie’s crochet tools…
First time on the teacups
First time on the teacups
A very merry un-birthday, to you
A very merry un-birthday, to you
Developed an irrational fear of characters if we get too close
So so happy
Quite pleased with herself
“Look mom, I found a leaf!”